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Rafael Ovakimyan

Business Development Manager

Rafael started with Kennedy Tax and Business Services late 2018 in a role of a Business Development Manager.  He performs an extensive range of tasks to ensure companies productivity and efficiency, including but not limited to implementing business strategies, evaluating team and organisation performances, and other business improvements and progression activities. 

Rafael, continuously improves his personal and professional skills. He has completed a Master of Commerce at RMIT in addition to his Diploma in Business Management, also, completed at RMIT.  He has a broad skill set in marketing, brand management, business development and business management (just to name few). 

Business acumen collected over the past twenty-five years of experience working in various industries, i.e. manufacturing, office solutions and real estate moulded Rafael as a modern-day business professional. 

“It is in my nature to pay attention to very small details, as it is fundamental to know and understand all minor details about business and its past to be able to move forward successfully.  In todays’ world it is absolutely paramount to have a business diligence to be innovative in fast changing environment.” – Rafael.

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