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Capital Gains Tax is essentially a tax upon gains from the realisation of property where the realisation is not an aspect of the carrying on of a business. CGT aims to tax gains made on the disposal of assets and sometimes also to tax the receipt of certain amounts that do not derive from the disposal of assets.

At Kennedy Tax and Business Services, we provide trusted and tailored advice to ensure accuracy and consistency on the treatment of Capital Gains Tax.  

What assets are subject to CGT?

Asset sales that are subject to Capital Gains Tax include but not limited to:

What assets are exempt from CGT?

CGT-exempt assets include but not limited to:

CGT Advice That Keeps Your Tax to a Minimum

There is no set rate of CGT for individuals in Australia. Instead, you pay CGT at your marginal rate of tax.

Our trusted team provides CGT advice and strategies to keep your tax to a minimum. This includes, but is not limited to:

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